Saturday, December 4, 2010

A few pictures from the road

Hi, these are pictures Daddy has taken with his phone.  Mommy has more pictures in the camera, but we can't post them until she can get them and we need the big computer for that.

Mommy and Daddy took me for a haircut on Wednesday right before we left.  Jamie is my favorite barber, but I still don't like haircuts because they make me itchy!

At this point on Wednesday, we were leaving California and entering Nevada...later on Wednesday we saw a lot of lights while eating dinner at In-n-Out in a city called Las Vegas!  Mommy says she met Daddy there when she was a teacher and he was in the Air Force!

Uh-oh!  Daddy's car had a flat tire by the time we stopped for sleep in St George, Utah on Wednesday.  It was very cold!!  Poor Daddy had to change the tire to get new ones...

ROAR!!!!  On Thursday, we stopped for sleep at Grand Junction, Colorado and we had dinner at the Black Bear Diner.  It was such a long day, and we were very cold and tired!

Friday morning, we crossed the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.  We went through a mountain, driving in a tunnel that was more than 11,000 feet above sea level!  We saw a lot of snow on the mountains, and many people skiing in a town called Vail, but we did not need to use our chains.  When we took this picture, it was very cold and windy, and it stayed that way all the way on Friday and Saturday!

I will have more pictures to post when Mommy's camera can be downloaded later during the week!